DMT guide now in English

New and larger English-language edition of the Dutch Mountain Trail guide now out

In light of the continuing success of the Dutch Mountain Trail, an English-language edition of the DMT guide was published to coincide with the Dutch Mountain Film Festival in November 2022

Since its inception in 2019, it has become clear that the Dutch Mountain Trail enjoys a much wider popularity than just a domestic audience. This resulted, for example, in the publication of a German edition of the guide in 2021. Now, partly because of the DMT’s setting in a cross-border, multilingual and multicultural landscape, we have decided to address this broader international appeal with an English edition.

While the English edition has the same look and feel as the Dutch and German versions (including the same maps and route descriptions), it has been beefed up with additional photos and information about Zuid-Limburg and the wider region. It is aimed primarily at outdoor enthusiasts with an international allure (for example, visitors from abroad and Dutch-based ex-pats) who may (still!) be unaware that this is the only region in the Netherlands that isn’t interminably flat.

With an overall length of over 100 kilometres and a height difference of 1600 metres, the Dutch Mountain Trail is a serious long-distance hiking trail with near-mountainous sections. It also incorporates the Seven Summits, the highest and most impressive peaks in the region. Along the way, visitors can expect to come across atypical Dutch features, such as fast-flowing streams, alpine meadows, picturesque valleys and spectacular vistas, whilst switching back and forth between three different countries. Packed full of interesting facts and curiosities the guide explains why Zuid-Limburg is so quintessentially different from the rest of the Netherlands.

Extolling as it does the natural beauty of its hills and region’s tourist appeal, we also think that the guide would make a fantastic (promotional) gift for the international visitor planning to visit Zuid-Limburg, whether for business or for leisure.

The Dutch Mountain Trail has already been catching the eye of the foreign press, with articles in such illustrious newspapers as The Guardian (GB), Die Zeit (D) and De Standaard (B).

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