The Quest for Inspiration

Year: 2015

Director: Mattieu Le Lay

Playing time: 52 minutes

This documentary by the French film-maker Mathieu Le Lay and the photographer Alexandre Deschaumes was awarded a special prize at the Poprad film festival for ‘immortalizing the indescribable beauty of nature’. Both men seek a personal, magical depiction of nature, and their quest has resulted in this wonderful film.

This beautiful documentary by the French film-maker Mathieu Le Lay has won a series of international awards. When making documentaries Mathieu allows his characters to play their own roles, and on location in natural surroundings this approach results in intimate portraits. ‘The Quest for Inspiration’ is a portrait of Alexandre Deschaumes, a French landscape photographer who has developed his own artistic universe during countless solitary walks through the woods of autumn. Alexandre attempts to depict his emotions in dreamy, enchanting images of wild nature. While preparing a new expedition to Patagonia, Alexandre must overcome the challenges of nature during his quest for the ultimate image.

Director and film-maker Mathieu Le Lay first graduated in nature conservation and then, prompted by his love of nature and film, also studied at the IFFCAM, the French film academy that specializes in nature filming. Since 2008 he has been directing films that tell stories about the strong bond between people and the wilderness. In his shots, he seeks to create his own aesthetics and visual atmosphere. The jury of the Slovakian film festival in Poprad awarded him a special prize for this documentary for ‘immortalizing the indescribable beauty of nature’.


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