The Eight Mountains

Year: 2022

Director: Felix van Groeningen and Charlotte Vandermeersch

Playing time: 147 minutes

Language: Italian

Subtitles: Dutch

2 November 2023 - 20:00

Pietro is a city boy who thinks a lot. Bruno is a boy from the mountains. At the age of twelve, they become friends during Pietro’s holidays. They have the time of their lives.

A compelling film, with the mountains of the Aosta Valley in Italy playing a leading role. The film, based on the Paolo Cognetti’s bestseller, is about a special friendship between a boy from the city and a boy from the mountains. Gradually they drift apart and each goes his own way. Their paths come together again when they are adults. The memories come flooding back and what they have each experienced in the intervening period also has an impact on their renewed friendship, which seems as strong as ever.

The Eight Mountains tells the story of the special friendship between Pietro, who grew up in Turin, and Bruno, a boy from the mountains. In their lifelong quest for happiness, Pietro travels the world, whilst Bruno stays true to his mountain. Despite their totally different lifestyles, the friendship from their childhood years remains seemingly indestructible. A film about love between people, solitude, permanence, family ties, and attachment to place.


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