Streif – One Hell of a Ride

Year: 2014

Director: Gerald Salmina

Playing time: 99 minutes

Language: German, English

This action film – full of snow, passion and testosterone – about the 75th edition of the Hahnenkamm downhill race in Kitzbühel gives you wings! A year of preparation is compressed into one-and-a-half hours, generating tension, drama and above all plenty of spectacular action.

The annual Hahnenkamm downhill race in Kitzbühel in Tyrol has legendary status. Nowhere else does skiing generate such passion – everyone focuses their lives on the competition and no-one wants to miss the race, known as the Streif. It is the most difficult and dangerous downhill race in the world, and this film lets you experience the tension and sensation of this ultimate winter sports event from close up.

The film charts the preparations by the Kitzbühel Ski Club. In addition, we get to see five of the best skiers in the world at home and during their training, including Aksel Lund Svindal and Erik Guay. Historical footage illustrates the legends that surround the race. As the day of the Streif approaches, so the tension rises. Due to unexpectedly fine weather, it remains uncertain until the last moment whether the 75th edition can take place at all.

Autodidact Gerald Salmina not only shows the breathtaking achievements of extreme athletes in his films, but also what motivates them to keep pushing back boundaries. Thanks to his experience as an outdoor athlete, producer, director and writer, Gerald is able to make extreme locations and situations accessible to ordinary people. Many scenes in his films can never be repeated and have to be captured in a single take. Drawing on his own experience and the latest in camera technology, he now shows us the Streif as we have never seen it before.

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