Ski Vacation

Year: 2018

Director: Johannes Hoffmann

Playing time: 21'

Language: Brazilian, Austrian

Subtitles: English

5 November 2022 - 21:30

A Brazilian couple stop over in Obergurgl in Tyrol for a ‘bombastic’ weekend of skiing. In their own idiosyncratic way, the locals give them a reluctant welcome. Only the ski instructor seems keen. Keen on the girl, that is. Meanwhile, the boy gets teased and is challenged to ski down the highest and steepest rockface.

The Brazilian tourists, the Tyrolean customs and the descents are given an over-the-top portrayal by Austrian filmmaker Johannes Hoffmann. He also has a video clip-like scene in store. As well as a couple of explosions. A bombastic weekend like you have never seen before.

‘The ski business is taken far too seriously these days. With this film we hope to show that things can seem different and we chose a fictitious world.’

This film will be screened in one block together with Fedchanko, the forgotten glacier, and Luzhba.


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