Year: 2022

Director: Ignasi López Fàbregas

Playing time: 20 minutes

Language: -

2 November 2023 - 18:00

4 November 2023 - 13:00

They’re almost at the top and now they must turn back. What a drama! During their ice-chilling, tempestuous descent, Marek Molek and Bruno Grassi find themselves constantly arguingabout what to tell the journalist waiting for them at base camp. This brilliant little stop-motion film makes familiar dilemmas in the mountaineering world palpable to its audience.

Are you a Marek or a Bruno?

Five years after Viacruxis (DMFF#8) and three years after the The Great Milestone (DMFF#10), illustrator and stop-motion mountain film director Ignasi López Fàbregas treats us to yet anothersublime story which points out the predicaments of climbing. How important is it to be first to the summit? How can you prove you were there? How much risk can you take? How much risk can your climbing partner take?

Egoland proves that the story is more important than reaching the top. In recent months the film has been receiving several prizes at mountain film festivals.

Help the makers with their new film: Kronoshock

Director Ignasi López Fàbregas and his team have recently started a crowdfunding
campaign to finance their next project: Kronoshock is a short stop-motion animation film
whose main theme will be time and mountains. With you help, Kronoshock will come out
in October 2024. You can help fund the project or simply spread the message via the
following links:



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