Cycle me home – Transsylvania

Year: 2015

Director: Levente Klára en Máté Pálla

Playing time: 28 minutes

You just have to see this cycling film, even if you are not a cyclist yourself. Over the space of several weeks, the Cycle-me-home team cycled and filmed in the mountains and woods of Transylvania. The result was a fascinating portrait of this region, which many people know by name but have never actually seen.

‘Transsylvania’ is a startling cycling film, inspired by the nature documentaries of Sir David Attenborough. The film follows four cyclists on a journey of discovery through the expansive forests and fields of the Transylvanian Alps. Cycling along winding mountain paths they get to know the local people, music and Pálinka fruit brandy. Their adventurous rides through unspoilt nature result in impressive images, while the highlight of the journey is the ascent of the infamous Transfagarasan road along countless hairpin bends. The cycling film festival in Barcelona rated ‘Transsylvania’ as one of the most interesting, intimate and special films of 2015.

‘Transsylvania’ is the third film by Cycle me home. This documentaries project realized by cycling and film fans arose in 2011, when a Hungarian student who was finishing his studies in Madrid decided to cycle back home. This idea inspired a group of friends, and so the cycling holiday turned into a cycling and film project. Since then, Cycle me home have cycled and filmed many kilometres. Just get on your bike, choose your destination and go! Go with strangers and arrive as friends or go with friends and arrive as a team – you can only win. That is the motto of this group of friends, and their method of filming as well. They turn on the camera and just see what happens.


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