Adam Ondra: Pushing the Limits

Year: 2022

Director: Jan Simanek

Playing time: 77'

Language: Czech

Subtitles: English

6 November 2022 - 16:00

With his giraffe neck, but most of all his unrivalled climbing prowess, Adam Ondra is probably the greatest exponent of climbing today. Czech filmmakers Jan Simanek and Petr Zaruba follow their compatriot during his preparations, where not only physical and technical skills come into play, but rather his own mindset. 

On the exterior, Ondra comes across as cold and unfeeling, but his growing success and popularity are creating high expectations, not only amongst outsiders, but himself too. How does he deal with it? And how does his partner – also a climber – feel, especially having to live in Adam’s shadow? Pushing the Limits addresses these questions, more through imagery than by way of interviews. As it is, Ondra is a man of few words and prefers to let his limbs do the talking.

This film will be screened in one block together with Clean Mountains.


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