A dream of Edwin Drummond

Year: 2020

Director: Paul Diffley

Playing time: 52 minutes

Language: English

Subtitles: none

6 November 2021 - 13:30

Familiar-looking British stacks and cracks, a singer-songwriter and a voice-over reading from Great Wall help illustrate the unique life and times work of Edwin Drummond. Drummond is best known for his daring rock-climbs, his poems and his protest campaigns. ‘A Dream’ combines interviews on location, where some of his most illustrious climbs take place, with archive footage and animations. The result is a beautiful portrait.

Armed with medication for Parkinson’s, Drummond travels to the Isle of Anglesey to take a look at A Dream of White Horses, a sea crag on the island. He made its first ascent with David Pearce in 1968 and it provided him with inspiration as a poet and essayist. Climber and filmmaker Paul Diffley shows us the enjoyment of climbing before the days of sponsors and ‘likes’. If you look at the old photos and films, you might think that people were different back then, he explains in an interview, but that’s far from the case. We still share the same ideas and dreams.


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