White Out

By: DMFF ism. schrit_tmacher Festival

When: Tuesday 31 October 2023 8.00 pm

Location: HUB.Theater Kerkrade

€25 (Young persons and students €12.50)


We are immensely proud to host a performance by the Belgian-Italian choreographer, Piergiorgio Milano (B/I). This performance will be part of the opening ceremony for the Dutch Mountain Film Festival. This amazing climbing/dance spectacle is called White Out.

This is where mountaineering becomes a fusion of dance, theatre and circus. Piergiorgio Milano is able to succeed in expressing the emotions associated with the dizzying verticality and immensity of the high mountains within the confines of a theatre. Skis, carabiners and ropes are amongst just some of the accoutrements used to create powerful images.

White Out is an ironic and dramatic, amusing and poignant journey, not only within the natural landscape as it is evoked on stage, but also into the human inner self. The mountain is the mirror of humans.

Photo: Torsten Giesen
Creating mountaineering from dance

How do you give rhythm to something that has no rhythm? Everything is based on rhythm – words and actions. But mountaineering is something that has no rhythm, because everything is extremely tense and extremely laboured. It’s as if you’re watching time pass by. Milano made a long study of the physicality as practised by mountaineers, who exercise their sport to the extreme. For example, all the tension, the stress, the forces, the specific movements and rhythmic actions and the combination of these during the ascent of a mountain. He then converted all this into a physical language until the patterns emerged which he could use in the choreography.

Photo: Andrea Macchia
Relating stories

Choreograph Milano has always been fascinated by the protagonists of mountain tales because they share many characteristics with ordinary folk, but in a mountain story, they come out stronger and more expressively. Ambition, obsession, courage, longings, trust and friendship are all things we experience in our lives, but in mountaineering, these elements become more visible and more spectacular.

This is not just any dance show – the chief aim of White Out is to produce a kind of mountain film. Each scene we see in the show comes from a book. Every movement or action relates 100% to something that has happened. This is where mountain stories are told!

On stage, Milano works with echoes, memories, traces, textures, colours and sounds, all elements that the mountain evokes in us without the mountain necessarily being there. This is how we each imagine our own mountain and on which we are fully part of the story of White Out.

An experience that should not be missed!
Photo: Torsten Giesen

For visitors from Aachen, there will be a bus to HUB Kerkrade (and back).

Many thanks to our partners:

The White Out performance takes place in collaboration with schrit_tmacher Festival. This cross-border dance festival started in Aachen in 1995 and has since taken up a permanent place in the Euregion. schrit_tmacher just dance! offers an exciting mix of international top companies and choreographers from all over the world, supplemented with exhibitions, talks, youth productions, workshops and performances. View the program at schrittmacherfestival.nl (Dutch and German)

The performance came about with financial support from Stadsregio Parkstad Limburg.


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