October 6: Film screening in a cowshed

When: 6 October 19.30

Location: Sint Gillisstraat 32, Ransdaal

€ 10,-

During the DMFF 2021 Award Night we showed the film ‘De Toekomst van het Hemelrijk’, about farmer Jos Soogelee in the farmer’s village Ransdaal, South Limburg. This year, his cowshed will be the scene for a very special DMFF film screening-on-location!


On the evening of Thursday October 6, we will play the magnificent film ‘Vedette’. In this story about an impressive cow by the name of Vedette, several themes are discussed that relate to ‘De toekomst van het Hemelrijk’.

Join us at the farm in Ransdaal, where we will be having a good time with the cows!