Exhibition: Steine zum Staunen

When: 29 October to 17 December 2023

Location: Karlsgarten Aachen

Admission: Free

For nigh on ten years, sculptor Leo Horbach has been creating the highly coveted trophies given away to prize-winners on the festival Awards Night. Leo is a frequent visitor to the mountains where marble and other sought-after stone is sourced. He sometimes even makes his creations in situ. His brilliant white sculptures from Laaser Marble, which is quarried high in the Italian Alps, can be found in countless collections and sculpture parks throughout Europe. High time, we thought, for an exhibition of his impressive-looking sculptures. During the 13th Dutch Mountain Film Festival they will be on display in Karlsgarten in Aachen, Germany.

Leo Horbach, from Landgraaf (NL), works mainly in stone: marble from the Alps; limestone from France; alabaster from Spain; and Petit Granit from the Belgian Ardennes. His sculptures allow us a glimpse into the material from which the mountains were made. As he himself sees it, he exposes the inner material of the stone to the light, conjuring up figures with a hammer and chisel, and allowing us to view the mysteries concealed within the stone. His sculptures are the product of the stone’s shape, his own imagination, his expert eye and his craftsmanship. Figures from mythology, legends, his interest in people and animals, or metaphysical shapes are amongst the central themes of his work.

Leo has a direct way of working. Often it is the shape of the stone that provides his inspiration. As much as possible, his sculptures retain the shape and the volume of the stone. His creations are characterised by strength and suspense, often balanced on a narrow base.


Steine zum Staunen

  • 29 October – 17 December 2023
  • Karlsgarten, 52074 Aachen Melaten, Germany
  • During daylight hours, the gardens are open to the public.
  • The opening is on Sunday 29 October at 2 pm.

On Sunday 5 November, the exhibition will feature as part of the Awards Walk, a special walk from Aachen to Heerlen.


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