Exhibition: A quest for silence within colours

When: 30 October - 12 November 2023

Admission free

A quest for silence within colours

Habets’ hand-sized drawings of mountains invite the viewer to set out on a journey of meditation. Her suiseki artworks evoke a sense of unity and harmony and capture the essence of nature within the confines of one’s own habitat. They serve as friendly reminders of how we should slow down, embrace silence and find solace in the world around us.


Suiseki, Japanese for a stone polished by the processes of flowing water, is an old form of art which is deeply embedded in Japanese culture. The Japanese embrace suiseki as a way of life, in which they cherish and display naturally formed stones to connect with nature and to encourage harmony. The suiseki has a custom-made base, comparable to a bonsai pot.

Life with suiseki is a Japanese virtue which stands for simplicity, nature and the art of suggestion. These old stones provide the Japanese with solace, inspiration and a deeper understanding of their place in the natural world. Careful selection of stones for their shape, texture and aesthetic quality comes first and foremost. The art of suiseki goes beyond mere visual appreciation, as is witnessed by the phenomenon of suiseki suizen: a meditative practice in which silent reflection takes place by gazing at a stone.


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