By: Kok & Kunst

When: Thursday 2 November

Admission: € 25,-

EAT AWAY- TOZAN MESHI* is a safari supper, conceived and prepared by artist and head chef Emeline Galhac. Food is not served at the table, but as you go along. Each course takes you to a new “camp” on this culinary ascent. Galhac’s idea for this meal is based on her own ascent of Mount Fuji in 2018 and her work as chef in the Japanese restaurant Nonbe Daigaku in Brussels.


The food preperation along the route is all part of this safari supper. In Japanese there are two words for landscape. ‘Keikan’ refers to the landscape that is observed and ‘fukei’ to the landscape that is perceived. Using one of these landscape descriptions, Emeline invites her guests to observe how the meals are prepared before being eaten.

*Dishes prepared along the way



During the walk, writer Merlijn Huntjens will tell you something about the Yeti who haunts the festival this year and for whom Japanese mountain climbers always carry a bag of rice. In a literary sense too, he will be providing the Tozan Meshi’s appetiser.

  • Reservations required; there will be a maximum of 45 participants.
  • There are two options available: fish or vegetarian. Allergenic products used: soya, celery, sesame and gluten.
  • Bring your walking boots and rainwear and/or an umbrella with you, subject to the weather.
  • 16.00 we gather at Royal Theatre. From there, a bus will leave for the Rococo Garden of Terworm Castle, from where the walking dinner will lead to Natuurvriendenhuis Eikhold.
  • At 19.00, the opening of the exhibition ‘A quest for silence within colours’ by Femke Habets is at Eikhold.
  • From Eikhold, it is a 1.3 km walk back to the Royal Theatre.


Kok & Kunst #2

The EAT AWAY – TOZAN MESHI Safari Supper is the second of its kind to be organised by Kok & Kunst, an initiative of the Buurderij Heerlen (platform for local products) based on an idea by Joséphine Kaeppelin.

Emeline Galhac

Emeline Galhac is a French chef-cum-artist. For more than 10 years, her jobs have been likewise characterised by her artistic productions, whether as a worker in a clock and dial factory in Besançon, a cashier in Strasbourg, a fishmonger in the markets and auctions of Charente-Maritime, a fishmonger in the best fish stall in Brussels, or currently as chef in a Japanese restaurant in Brussels, Nonbe Daigaku. Her modus operandi is the collection and transfer of gestures, meetings, materials and shapes from her work. The result: collages and installations.


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