Dutch Mountain Trail Experience

Just one year ago, in October 2020, the official trail guide to the Dutch Mountain Trail was published, describing the most stunning and likewise the most strenuous hiking trail in the Netherlands. Thousands of enthusiastic walkers have since taken up the challenge. Many have braved tough conditions on the trail and returned home with adventures aplenty to tell.
At the 11th Dutch Mountain Film Festival we would like to share these adventures. Have you tramped the DMT or are you simply curious to hear the stories of others? If so, our film festival is the place to be! Below we have listed all the DMT-related activities and news.
See you out there!

Dutch Mountain Trail Experience

The Visit Zuid-Limburg Experience, operated by the local tourist authority, is located in the Maankwartier, the impressive new station complex opposite the Royal Theater in Heerlen. During the film festival, we will be showing a continuous programme of photos and videos of the Dutch Mountain Trail, taken by enthusiastic trekkers, along with some of our own fun mountain films. The Visit Zuid-Limburg Experience is open from Tuesdays to Fridays from 9.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on Saturdays from 9.30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The DMT photo and video competition

Have you got photos or video footage of your adventures on the Dutch Mountain Trail? If so, send in your best photos and videos of the Dutch Mountain Trail by October and get the chance to win VIP tickets for the 11th Dutch Mountain Film Festival as part of our special photo and video competition! The best submissions will also be on display during the festival (2-7 November in Heerlen and Aachen).
Send a series of three photos or a video of the Dutch Mountain Trail to dmtwedstrijd@gmail.com by no later than 13 October. Don’t forget to send your submissions in the best possible resolution.
We will announce the winner on our Facebook page.

DMT Reunion

A DMT reunion will take place in the Royal Theater in Heerlen on Sunday 7 November from 4 to 5 pm, following the afternoon film session. The reunion is open to anyone interested. Here, you can share your experiences, meet like-minded people and perhaps make plans for more challenging adventures. Bring your trail guide with you and get your own personal copy signed by Toon, Thijs or one of the other contributors to the trail and the trail guide.

The Wilhelminaberg: our ‘mountain’

At midday on Sunday 7 November, a documentary about our very own ‘mountain’, the Wilhelminaberg – made as part of the IBA expo-year – will be screened. This old spoil heap in Kerkrade, a remnant of the region’s mining past, is the first of the Seven Summits. It will also be a good opportunity to refelect on the the achievements of mountain biker Milan Vader who was the first to scale the infamous 508 steps of the Wilhelminaberg at one go on a bike! And what about trail runner Wouter Huitzing: he set the record for completing the Dutch Mountain Trail, in just 11 hours and 20 minutes and will be officially welcomed to the event.

German trail guide

The German translation of the guide to the Dutch Mountain Trail and the Seven Summits will be published in October 2021. The idea is to attract enthusiastic walkers from across the border to the Trail. The first copy will be officially presented during the film festival, at the opening of the Mapping The Mountains exhibition in Tuchwerk, Aachen.

Dutch Mountain Ride

In the wake of the huge success of the Dutch Mountain Trail, the cycling enthusiasts in the DMFF team were, of course, not going to get left behind. So for that reason, we are delighted to present: the Dutch Mountain Ride, a challenging route for adventurous cyclists. This gravel ride links the Seven Summits. In contrast to the Dutch Mountain Trail, the Dutch Mountain Ride is a circular route of 129 kilometres and has a height difference of 1,600 metres. The exact route of the Ride will be officially announced and opened during the DMFF.