Dutch Mountain Trail

Get yourself ready for the Dutch Mountain Trail

In 2019 we came up with the idea of the Seven Summits: seven circular walks to seven of the most inspiring hilltops in the South Limburg uplands. Now there is the Dutch Mountain Trail! A challenging 101-km trail which takes you from summit to summit, giving you a real taste of the mountains. It runs from Kerkrade in the east to Maastricht in the west and along the way you will experience alpine meadows, fast-flowing streams, rockfaces and, of course, some spectacular vistas.
Our anniversary trail

In 2020, to commemorate the tenth Dutch Mountain Film Festival, we set out the Dutch Mountain Trail. Perhaps not the longest, but certainly one of the toughest trails our country has to offer, comparable in every way to a serious trek in the mountains. By way of this trail, we want to show mountain lovers in the Low Countries, and beyond, that adventure really can be found closer to home. In a time of climate change and pandemics, the brutal fact is, we will be having to choose holiday destinations on our doorstep. We believe this trail offers a great alternative for long-distance walkers and trail runners.

The walk takes in all Seven Summits, starting at the Wilhelminaberg in Landgraaf and ending at the Observant in Maastricht. Often unnoticed, the route crosses the border on several occasions. The views afforded from the top of the summits are far-reaching, taking in the Eifel in Germany, the Ardennes and the Kempen in Belgium, as well as lower lying lands of the Rhine Basin and the Maas valley to the north.

The trail has been carefully marked out and will provide a challenge to accomplished walkers. Some of the steepest paths will test your stamina, your boots and your patience. At times the rain will turn some paths into mudbaths and the ferosity of the wind on the open plateaus should not be underrated! We warn you: this trail is not for the faint-hearted!!

An English version of Dutch Mountain Trail guide is due to be published in November 2022 to complement the Dutch and German-language guides already available. As well as practical details about the route, the guide is packed full of trail maps, photographs and interesting historical and cultural information on the region and also includes separate circular walks for each of the Seven Summits. The book can be purchased online through the website (see below) or is available through booksellers in the Netherlands.

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