New: the DAV Climate Award

Introducing the long-awaited DAV Climate Award

There’s no longer any denying that climate change is transforming our planet in a way which would have been unimaginable to previous generations. Seemingly, no place on earth has been able to dodge the effects of human-induced climate change. The retreat of our glaciers has been a yardstick for global warming for decades. Increasing rock slides are making many popular hiking and climbing routes in the mountains impassable. The ecology of high-altitude regions is undergoing permanent change and indigenous species that have inhabited these zones for thousands of years are being displaced and even disappearing. What plate tectonics, wind, water and evolution have built up over millions of years is slowly but surely being destroyed in front of our very eyes.

We thought it was high time to put this message across more forcefully and so encourage everyone to spread the news. For the first time at the DMFF, in 2021 the DAV Climate Award will be presented. This award, an initiative of the German Alpine Club (DAV), is given to the film that the jury believes tells the most compelling story of climate change or environmental degradation in the mountains. Our aim is to increase awareness amongst individuals and society as whole as to how these changes can be counteracted sustainably, with the interests of nature and environmental protection at its heart, whether this is in the mountains or in our daily lives.

The DAV Climate Award is worth €1,000 and is a donation from the Sparda Bank West.


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