DMFF Awards

The festival has been handing out the DMFF Awards every year since 2014. There are five prizes awarded for the best entries. These films undergo rigorous adjudication by an experienced jury.


The main prize is the Crossborder DMFF Award for the most artistic mountain film: this is rewarded with a cash sum of €1,500. The Best Newcomer Award is presented to the best debut mountain film and is worth €1,000. The Parkstad Limburg jury prize, worth €500, is handed out to the production which the jury feels, for a variety of reasons, should be brought to the attention of a wider public. A new award has been created for the 2021 festival: the DAV Climate Award (€1.000). The award-winning film must throw a critical light on climate change and/or the effects of environmental pollution in the mountains. The film will also present possible ways in which individuals or society might counteract these changes.

The jury for the film awards is made up of professionals working in the film industry, (arts) education, (alpine) journalism and/or mountaineering, each of whom has an affinity with mountains and cinematography. The jury consists of three persons who, one month prior to the festival, are tasked with making a selection from all the submissions. The films which are presented to the jury for appraisal are also screened during the festival.

The Best Mountaineering Film Award will be selected and awarded by, which specialises in the supply of artificial climbing structures, inspections and approval. The Best Mountaineering Film comes with a cash prize of €1,000.

Each of the winners receives a trophy: the Steinman, created by artist Leo Horbach.



DMFF Awards 2022

Crossborder DMFF Award 2022

Into the Ice
Lars Ostenfeld

Royal Best Newcomer Award 2022

Human Nature
Bart Schrijver

Parkstad Limburg Jury Award 2022

Dark Red Forest
Jin Huaqing

DAV Climate Award 2022

A White Dream
Mathieu Le Lay

Best Mountaineering Film Award 2022

Climbing Iran
Francesca Borghetti

Filmhub Zuid Award

Between Summits
Roeland Wendel en Ilse Lavell



DMFF Awards 2021

Crossborder DMFF Award 2021

Wall of Shadows
Eliza Kubarska

De Spiegel Best Newcomer Award 2021

Cold Feet
Ash Mulama

Parkstad Limburg Jury Award 2021

Brenva by Winter
Thibaut Sichet

DAV Climate Award 2021

Songs of the Water Spirits
Nicolò Bongiorno

Best Mountaineering Film Award 2021

Brenva by Winter
Thibaut Sichet


DMFF Awards 2020

Heerlen/ Aachen DMFF Award 2020

Jaime Murciego

De Spiegel Best Newcomers Award 2020

The Tough
Marcin Polar

Parkstad Limburg Jury Award 2020

Maybe Tomorrow
Guillaume Bertocchi

Best Mountaineering Film Award 2020

Lifelines – The story of two friends
Frank Kretschmann


DMFF Awards 2019

Crossborder DMFF Award 2019

Joost van der Wiel

De Spiegel Best Newcomers Award 2019

Nicolás Detry

Parkstad Limburg Jury Award 2019

Hanno Markowitz

Best Mountaineering Film Award 2019

Gerald Salmina


DMFF Awards 2018

Crossborder DMFF Award 2018

Richard Parry

De Spiegel Best Newcomers Award 2018

Alptraum – The last great adventure
Manuel Lobmaier

Parkstad Limburg Jury Award 2018

Johannes Östergård


DMFF Awards 2017

Crossborder DMFF Award 2017

Through the unknown (Verso l’ignoto)
Frederico Santini

De Spiegel Best Newcomer Award 2017

In between
Rolf Steinmann

Parkstad Limburg Jury Award 2017

Lloyd Belcher


DMFF Awards 2016

Crossborder DMFF Award 2016

K2 – Touching the sky
Eliza Kubarska

De Spiegel Best Newcomer Award 2016

Julia Poplawska

Parkstad Limburg Jury Award 2016

First Ascent – Kunyang Chhish East
Matteo Vittorel


DMFF Awards 2015

DMFF Award 2015

Hemelbestormers/ Killerslope
Geertjan Lassche

DMFF Best Newcomer Award 2015

Karlijn Milder

DMFF Parkstad Limburg Award 2015

Live for Passion
Pavel Barabas


DMFF Awards 2014

DMFF Award 2014

Philip Eyer

DMFF Best Newcomers Award 2014

Franz Walter

DMFF Spiegel Award 2014

Kurt und der Sessellift
Thaïs Odermatt

The DMFF-trophy ‘Steinman’ by artist Leo Horbach


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