2022 Film Jury

On 10 and 11 September 2022 the jury convened to select the Award-winning films for the 12th Dutch Mountain Film Festival. This year’s jury was comprised of Kesang Tseten, Marcia Luyten and Philip Simons and they made their selection from more than 150 mountain films submitted for the festival. The winners will be announced at the Awards Show on Friday 4 November.

The winning films (and many more) will be screened in Heerlen and Aachen during our festival from 1 to 6 November 2022.

Kesang Tseten

For more than two decades Kesang Tseten has been making documentaries about the Himalayan region and these have been regularly shown at international film festivals. Amongst his films are the prize-winning Who will be a Gurkha, Trembling Mountain and Saving Doma, a trilogy about Nepalese migrant workers in the Gulf States (In Search of the Riyal, The Desert Eats Us), We Corner People and On the road with the red god: Machhendranath. He has received grants from Jan Vrijman, IDFA Bertha Fund and the Sundance Documentary Institute. He has been a visiting scholar at Dartmouth College and New York University. He wrote the original screenplay for the feature film Mukundo, the first ever Nepalese entry for the Academy Awards, and KARMA, and is currently working on a Nepalese film adaptation of Les Miserables. He graduated from Dr Graham's School in India, Amherst College and Columbia University.

Marcia Luyten

Marcia Luyten is a journalist, writer and presenter. Luyten is columnist for Dutch national daily de Volkskrant and features as one of the presenters of Met het Oog op Morgen, a Dutch radio show. For six years she presented Buitenhof, the interview and panel programme broadcast on the NPO, the main news and current affairs channel in the Netherlands. She wrote Máxima Zorreguieta, Moederland, a biography of the young Queen Máxima. Het Geluk van Limburg, is a bestseller relating the saga of the Vindersen family in the boom and bust years of the Dutch coalmining industry. Politics-related books include Ziende Blind, and Dag Afrika and Witte Geef Geld about Africa. (photo: Keke Keukelaar)

Philip Simons

In his younger days Philip Simons admits to having been ‘quite obsessed with mountaineering’. Nowadays, he sticks to rockclimbing, moving from one secure anchor to the next. Otherwise he goes on mountain treks with his close friends, hiking from one hut to the next, or (preferably) sleeps out under the stars. ‘After all, that flat land of ours hasn’t quite got what it takes’.


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