2019 Film Jury

Rosanna Stedile

After studying Modern Languages at the University of Trento, Rosanna’s first job was working in the care of the elderly. She later worked as a teacher in Italy and then as a translator abroad, until her adventure with the Trento Film Festival began in 2002. As well as being manager of the festival office, Rosanna is also coordinator of the festival’s film programming and is the first point of contact for all foreign guests. Rosanna is also responsible for the selection and distribution contracts with film directors, producers and distributors for the 365 circuit of the Trento Film Festival, an alternative distribution channel for top quality mountain films and documentaries which might otherwise have difficulty getting screen time in Italian cinemas. Rosanna lives in Rovereto where she grew up, close to Trento where her family and friends live.

Ronny Trocker

Ronny Trocker was born in Bolzano/Bozen in Italy and grew up in a small village in the Dolomites. After finishing at secondary school, he moved to Berlin where he spent several years working as a sound engineer with various radio and audio artists. In 2006, Ronny left for Argentina to study at the Universidad del Cine in Buenos Aires. Back in Europe, four years later, he was accepted at the prestigious Le Fresnoy - Studio National des arts contemporains in Lille. After winning a scholarship to the Cité International des Arts and the Centquatre in Paris, Ronny now spends his time working between Brussels and Berlin. He makes documentaries, feature films and experimental short films, as well as video installations, which are screened at various festivals worldwide. His first feature film The Eremites (Die Einsiedler) was premiered at the Orizzonti Competition of the Venice International Film Festival in September 2016 and was nominated for the Prix Fipresci /Discovery Award at the European Film Awards 2017. This beautiful film was screened at the Dutch Mountain Film Festival in 2017.

Mark Handels

Mark Handels, born in Kerkrade in 1984, is full of ideas, experience and enthusiasm for his passion: film. He studied at the Maastricht Arts Faculty and is a devoted filmmaker who takes up one challenge after the other. His first film 'When We Were Heroes' was premiered at the 2005 National Military Museum in Delft. It was a Second World War film set in Limburg, made by and for young people. The film was screened at an American festival and was immediately awarded with the the 2006 Best Feature Film prize. His most recent film ‘Barbara’ from 2017 retold the history of the mining region around Heerlen and is a short account about the glory years of the mineworkers. The film was selected for the Cannes film festival and enjoys enormous respect amongst those mineworkers still alive in the region. As a young story teller, he is also often roped up or found in the vicinity of a rock wall and with his long frame and light weight he is an avid climber. He is in his element when climbing and filming!