2020 Film Jury

Katja Staartjes

Katja Staartjes was the first Dutch woman to summit a number of the world’s highest mountains, including Mount Everest (8848 m) and Gasherbrum 1 (8068 m). She has also led several expeditions and completed the Great Himalaya Trail through Nepal. Katja shares her knowledge of the mountains as a speaker and an writer. Her most recent book, Topteams – Samen Bergen Verzetten, which she worked on together with photographer Menno Boermans, was nominated for the short list for the Dutch management book of the year award in 2020. Katja gave up a career in management to pursue her passion for mountaineering and for many years worked between expeditions as an interim manager. In addition to her speaking engagements, she also works as a coach for managers and teams.

Keith Partrigde

During a career spanning more than 30 years and with around 70 films under his belt, Keith Partridge has helped establish the essence of 'in-your-face' adventure and in doing so has rolled back the frontiers of film production amongst some of the world’s wildest settings. In the course of his filming, he has climbed Everest, reached the South Pole, explored cave systems deep in Papua New Guinea, scaled some of the world’s most iconic rock faces and taken part in the first ascents of mountains and cliffs in Venezuela’s Lost World, Oman and Greenland. In 2019 Keith received the Grand Prize from our parent association, the International Alliance of Mountain Film (IAMF) for his contribution to mountain film. He has also received many other prizes, including the Camera Extreme Award from the International Explorers Festival for his camera work in Touching the Void (which we will be showing during this festival). Keith also worked as cameraman on Shared Vision, which will likewise be screened at DMFF 2020. His book The Adventure Game (2015), in which he relates his experiences of filming at far-flung corners of the globe, won the Jury prize at the prestigious Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival.

Daniel van Hauten

Daniel has had a passion for film ever since he first held a camera in his hands. Every project he takes on is new, waiting to be reinvented, even though there may be similarities. By constantly establishing new contacts and collaborations with them in a diversity of places across the globe, means that he is making films and videos almost every day. Whenever possible, he endeavours to combine artistic and communicative strategies in his film work.